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"It's a solitary career, and writers don't talk

          very openly about their process..."

Price: $140



This ten-week course lays the groundwork for how to establish a writing lifestyle which allows you to experience the inevitable challenges of the process whilst keeping your physical and mental health in tact. It does not teach you how to write a novel, (I am presuming you already know how to do that), but instead shows you how to conquer the emotional demands that novel writing can bring. If you're going to be a novelist, how will it work for you? How will you motivate yourself, pace yourself and support yourself through writing and re-writing, editing and waiting? How will you face rejection, disappointment and uncertainty? And how, when it's done, will you motivate yourself to start all over again?

First, we look at priority setting and lifestyle structure, then we work on developing our ability to understand ourselves in the process, and finding out how we can support ourselves through the various stages of writing, editing and publication.

At the end of this course you will have formed a healthy daily writing practice, one that doesn't compromise all other aspects of your life. You will know how to cope with the inevitable challenges that present themselves throughout your work, and you will have formed a robust self-reliance, which will prove invaluable to you as you continue on your writing journey.

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  • identifying your life priorities
  • Establishing a daily writing practice
  • finding structure and balance
  • right mind vs writer's mind
  • inspiration and motivation
  • dealing with inner critics
  • coping with rejection
  • the editing process
  • the waiting game
  • writing and cleaning
  • writing and your physical health

PRICE: $140

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Novel writing and publication is a cyclical process, which starts with inspiration and ends with the marketing and promotion of your book. It's a long process that can take several years and, as such, it is difficult to see the 'end' when you're in it. The truth is, there is no end to this process, because when you finish one book you start another and the whole cycle starts all over again, the only difference being the experience you have gained from each iteration. 

Understanding that this is an ongoing process can be hugely beneficial to your health and sanity as a writer. Rather than giving up when it gets painfully hard, you learn to recognise that you are simply at a certain stage in the cycle, a stage which will eventually pass. Some of the stages in this process can be debilitating, (even publication can be frightening), but once you learn how to manage each stage and understand the broader picture, you become better able to cope with it. 

This course takes you through every part of the writing process and teaches you how to manage yourself at each phase. You will become self-sufficient, self-nourishing, and you will find out how to get through the toughest aspects of the cycle with your health and sanity in tact.

  • identifying where you are in the cycle
  • discovering how each stage relates to the others
  • distancing yourself from the work
  • publication: the highs and lows
  • getting paid: the business aspects of the publishing indusrty

There is a huge gap in the self-help world for writers. While there are plenty of people who want to teach you how to write, there aren't many who can really help you deal with the emotional complexities of writing and editing, finding an agent, waiting, rejection, disappointment, self-doubt, inner-critics...and so much more. Also, it's a solitary career, and writers don't talk very openly about their process so it remains a bit of a taboo subject. 

As part of the Healthy Sane Novelist programme, I have developed these online courses, which I am delighted to offer through CourseCraft, in order to share my experiences with you and help you create a happy, healthy writing lifestyle. I have combined my experiences as a novelist and creativity coach to show you how to conquer some of the most difficult elements of being a creative person. Wherever you are in the process, I can guarantee I've been there too and I understand exactly what you're going through. I hope you will find something here that will truly help you move forward through your writing career with a little bit more ease, self-love, and a healthy dose of humour.